Monday, July 28, 2014

Bigfoot Day Festival - Willow Creek 8/30/14

Ever since the Patterson film, Bigfoot has blossomed throughout American culture.This festival pays homage to that monumental day in Bigfoot history by having a day of fun and games!

This looks like a lot of fun for anyone that is out in the Willow Creek area of California.

Bigfoot Day


Humboldt's hairy hominid returns for a festive homecoming to the town where his legend began in the town where the famous Bigfoot footage was filmed in 1967

Parade on Saturday - Main Street - begins 10am

This event includes food & craft booths, oyster feed, deep pit BBQ, logging contests, a petting zoo, kids bike race, lawn mower race, disc golf tourney and big ice cream social with homemade pies, cakes and cobblers at the town museum, which houses the world’s largest collection of Bigfoot curios. 

The hominid happening will offer plenty of live music.

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