Monday, July 21, 2014

Do All Bigfoot Share A Collective Consciousness?

Bigfoot Collective Consciousness

Is there some sort of collective consciousness between all Bigfoot? Perhaps they teach their young that avoiding man at all costs is necessary for the survival of the species.

People like Bobo from Finding Bigfoot will say there are some "dumb" Squatches, but I would have to disagree with that. Not one Bigfoot has ever slipped up. Not one has been hit by a car, been caught raiding a dumpster, or found dead in the woods. I know people will say all of those things have happened before, but really those are just stories. What about the old ones? Where do they go to die? Does the clan take them for a "long walk" to avoid the risk of them being found by humans?

The United States is littered with towns and roads and almost everyone carries a camera of some sort nowadays. But we still can't get that money shot. Almost every photo or video comes back blurry or inconclusive. I realize a picture isn't enough for proof but with corroborating evidence such as hair, foot prints, ect, it might make for something interesting to pursue.

Are Bigfoot perfect? Do they bury their dead? You'd think by now a hunter would have bagged one or one would end up stuck to a semi grill, but no. You will get people who will say they heard a story of a guy who had one in his rifles sights "but it looked to human to shoot." Really? Hunters shoot almost 1000 people every year in North America, and many of them are wearing blaze orange.

There is still no conclusive proof of the species existence and it is 2014. Are we getting closer to that monumental discovery or are we just spinning our wheels?

There's just something very odd about an 8-foot primate running around our woods hardly leaving a trace....

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  1. Right on Johnny. No Squatch has ever bit the bullet so to speak, a near impossible feat considering the price on it's head and the willingness of American hunters to bring one down. Add to that reports of them cloaking themselves, melting into the foliage, zapping field researchers who get too close with an electric shock and hunters who can't pull the trigger and you've got something far beyond just an un-captured primate. Have you ever noticed that the blurry-ness in most photos is around the subject (Bigfoot) only and not the surrounding scenery ? Could be that they are affecting the cameras focus as well. No way they are what the experts have said they are. Honest article on your part !

  2. I can't wait to see what is about to be posted next...

  3. I wonder why we find no civilization, no tools, no shelter, no fire, and yet they are supposed to be so advanced. The normal thing is to get organized, save calories with some sort of civilization and "comforts." Yet nothing ever found.
    Makes me think I've been had.