Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dax Rushlow Sends Bigfoot Casts To Dr. Jeff Meldrum

Dax Rushlow is a very avid Bigfoot researcher from Massachusetts. He recently took a trip to the infamous Salt Fork State Park in Ohio for a Bigfoot expedition where he made some interesting finds. It wasn't but 30 minutes after arriving on the 27th of June that Dax stumbled upon what he thinks are Bigfoot footprints. Apparently he was setting up camp in a part of the campground that had just opened and was taking a look around the perimeter when he noticed the somewhat fresh tracks in the ground. He did manage to make some casts of the prints and has sent them to Dr. Jeff Meldrum for further analysis. According to Dax, they should be in Jeff's hands by the end of this week or the beginning of next.

Here are a couple pictures of the casts:

click pictures to enlarge

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Analyzes Footprints From Salt Fork Park
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  1. Dax will never see them casting again - lol - Maybe Dr. Meldrum can get Bigfoot expert Todd Standing to look at them ...lol or should I say Fraud Standing.

  2. Those look like some great tracks! Its hard to see but I think I see that mid tarsal break. Splayed toes. Great find Dax!