Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Dr. Bryan Sykes Releases Yeti DNA Study Paper

Bryan Sykes Yeti DNA
Artists rendition of an ancient polar bear

Geneticist Bryan Sykes has finally completed his somewhat anticipated DNA paper. It's been great to see a guy of such high standing in the scientific world get involved in the Bigfoot mystery. He first popped onto the scene in the British TV show, Bigfoot Files and then the American version, Bigfoot: The New Evidence, where he toured different reputed Bigfoot locations and gathered DNA samples from Bigfooters. The series ended quite climatic with the DNA samples from the Himalayas testing out to be that of an ancient hybrid bear. Though the results were disappointing for some hard-core Bigfooters, it was a major break-thru for science.

Sykes is currently in the process of writing a book entitled, "The Yeti Enigma" and is planning an expedition to the Himalayas to search for the hybrid-bear.

Most regions of the world have their legends of menacing but elusive monsters — hulking, hairy beasts that investigators call "anomalous primates." Sykes received dozens of samples of hair and tissues purportedly linked to such creatures, including the Yeti as well as the Almasty "wild man" from Russia and the orang pendek from Sumatra. 

More than half of the 30 samples that underwent DNA analysis were linked to sightings of Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch) in the United States, ranging from Texas and Minnesota to Arizona and Washington state. 

Sykes and his team focused on a snippet of mitochondrial DNA code that's passed down from a mother to her progeny. That code was matched to species signatures stored in the GenBank database of DNA sequences.


I would like to thank British Bigfoot Correspondent, Simon Hicks of the group  Zen Yeti, for reporting on this.
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