Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Looking For Sasquatch DNA Samples

DNA Samples Sasquatch

Do you have any Sasquatch DNA samples?

Well it looks like another Sasquatch DNA project is in the works. Dr. Jeff Meldrum has just made an announcement calling for all suspected Sasquatch DNA samples to be sent to him for analysis. This was posted on his Facebook page today:
I HAVE A VERY SPECIFIC REQUEST TO MAKE AT THIS TIME. An opportunity has arisen to conduct morphological and DNA analysis of SELECTED hair samples attributed to sasquatch. I am looking for reliable samples, by that I mean with a known chain of custody, having been collected in association with a visual encounter or documented footprints. Respond only if you have such a sample in your possession, stored in paper envelope, having been collected under reasonably sterile conditions, i.e. minimal or no direct handling. RESPOND TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS ONLY: meldd@isu.edu. ALL OTHER POSTS OR RESPONSES REGARDING THIS REQUEST WILL BE PROMPTLY DELETED FROM MY TIMELINE. Thanks for your assistance.
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