Thursday, July 24, 2014

Finding Bigfoot 2-Hour Season Finale - Sunday 8/7C

Finding Bigfoot Season Finale

Join the Finding Bigfoot team for their season finale show. This will be a special 2-hour episode and will air at 8/7C on Animal Planet. In this episode the team ventures to the Four Corners location and does something they have never done before; they Squatch in four states in one episode.

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  1. So I commented on your sight but I didn't know where to comment so I guess my other comment will probably never be seen. I have seen a few of the "Finding Bigfoot" episodes and with all the stuff on tv these days I'm not sure who actually believes in these large animals. But I have seen this thing before. In fact, I'm not the only one who has seen it in this certain woods located in Ohio along the river. When I hear people say it doesn't exist I want to slap them. I seen it and shot it when I was only 15 yrs old. The problem is I only had a pathetic pellet gun with me. So obviously it did nothing. The thing just grunted and kept walking. It scared the heck out of me. I've been haunted by this thing since and never tell my story. So telling it now is very hard. No one tends to believe this stuff but I SAW IT. How can anyone tell me what I saw was just in my head. I seen it, shot it, hit it, and watched it keep walking. I now carry real firepower every time I go in my woods. If it ever comes back and I see it out there I will unload on it. I watch all these documentaries. Barely any "trackers" use weapons. Are you trying to give it a hug? maybe a kiss? Man up and put it down already! If a young 15 yr old hunter can sneak up on him why can't you "professionals" get the job done?

    1. Shoot the basterd right on branden

  2. So you are going to senslessly kill an animal for no good reason .And this so called "thing" you said you had seen did not try to harm you? Folks like you should not be in the woods with guns!

  3. Folks like me are the reason your city butt still has your freedoms in this great country. I have read reports that these things have killed hikers and attacked people before. It is a wild animal after all. Besides, anything on my land that threatens my land in any way or my animals, I am justified by defending with lethal force. Its a country way of life bud. We protect our land, and most (including myself) serve in the armed forces to protect YOUR FLIPPING BUTT. But if you think they are not a threat you can go give them a hug all you want. I for one am NOT going to bet my life on it being a "nice giant 3 times my size". Don't be an idiot city slicker. It's people like you that really tick me off. Go hug a damn tree.

  4. For the last 10 years I have wondered what would have happened if my brother didn't hear me yelling and came to get me, I would have gone after that thing still thinking it was my buddy i was playing BB guns wars with. I could have been torn limb from limb and I wouldn't have been in the position to do anything about it! I was just a kid with a pellet gun thinking it was my friend. JESUS GUY!!! I wouldn't be here to talk about it. My brother saved my life that day as far as I'm concerned. But sure you can sit there and think every large creature in the woods is a nice guy. Just because you hear some guy saw a bigfoot in an entire different state or country. NOT EVERY LARGE CREATURE IS A BIGFOOT! And not EVERY variation of these "bigfoots" are reportedly gentle creatures. Google it! Native tribes stay away from them for a dang reason bud.