Monday, July 07, 2014

Georgia Bigfoot Hunter Starts "Operation: Ultimate Proof"

Bigfoot Prove It

It seems the majority of the Bigfoot community has a "No-Kill" Bigfoot viewpoint. There are also those that are undecided, and then there are those who say we need a body to prove they exist, and the only way to do that is to shoot one. Rufus Ray is one of those guys.

Rufus Ray is a Pro-Kill Bigfoot advocate who grew up hunting in the mountains of Georgia. In all his time spent hunting he never once encountered a Bigfoot. It wasn't until the fall of 2012 while he was working construction in the hills of Georgia that he encountered a Bigfoot. He now claims to know where the Bigfoot reside in that area and has developed a plan to take one down, in the name of science. Apparently he is sick and tired of being ridiculed and of all the people that claim Bigfoot can cloak and switch dimensions. To Rufus, they are a flesh and blood creature and he wants to prove it. So he has started: Operation: Ultimate Proof, and now has a Gofundme to help raise funds for a thermal night scope to mount on a high-powered rifle. He has a lofty goal of $10,000 but says that is cheap compared to Melba Ketchum, who allegedly spent $500,000 (that was donated to her by Wally Hersom) and came up with no definitive proof.

Rufus says: "The sacrifice of one could save the species from extinction."

What do you think? Is this some crazy idea or do you think Rufus has a point?

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  1. Good old hillbilly Rufus.
    This guy is an IDIOT and a known Bigfoot researcher antagonist. Period. Hopefully someone mistakes his ass for a Bigfoot in their gun sights.

  2. Lets do this Rufus!! Go get us one!!!