Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Will The Owner Of The Patterson Bigfoot Suit Please Stand Up?

Patterson Bigfoot Costume

Thinker Thunker is back with another video analysis. This time he talks about the infamous Patty. The alleged Bigfoot that was filmed in 1967 which made Bigfoot history and is still the most compelling piece of evidence of an undiscovered North American primate to date. Thinker Thunker claims that there is no way that they were capable of making a suit with such quality back in 1967. But if it is a suit, Thinker wants the maker or holder of this rich piece of Bigfoot history to come forward.

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  1. Stupid video. Claims that it is not scientific that the Patty suit has not been revealed. One suit fifty years ago is easy to remain missing. maybe it was destroyed, maybe it is in a box, maybe it is in some private collection still gathering laughs from select viewers. But a single missing suit is not a scientific problem.

    What IS a scientific problem is an entire species of giant primate monsters evading detection, evading sampling, avoiding death, not leaving any remains, even while leaving thousands of inconsistent tracks everywhere! That there is not a single monster in fifty years is the scientific problem.

    Proponents who argue a missing suit is proof that bigfoot is real is immensely hilarious. Proves one thing, that proponents are crazy and can't understand reason.

  2. As much as I would like to believe that the big guy is real, no compelling evidence has been offered. And Thinker Thunker's horrendous arguments may just find their way into my next text on fallacious arguments.