Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yale Graduate Claims Rick Dyer Really Did Kill A Bigfoot

Yale Chris Noel Bigfoot Hoax

Some people just won't let it die. And one those people is Yale graduate, Christopher Noel. This Bigfoot hoax has been dead in the water for quite some time now, so this may make Chris the last man standing. The reasons are many as to why the Bigfoot in Shooting Bigfoot was not a real Bigfoot and this Sasquatch has really been beaten to death. In this still  from the film you can see that it is just a man in a suit. Frankly, it's really hard to believe that Chris is being serious. Perhaps he has some sort of agenda because everyone knows Rick Dyer did not kill any Bigfoot. If anything, maybe you can get a good laugh out of this lunacy.

Christopher Noel Pitches Bigfoot Movie Idea

Parabreakdown breaks down M.K. Davis

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  1. This Dyer thing has been dead for a while. Anyone with a brain can tell its a guy in a suit just by looking and I made a video and even showed how the guy had to adjust its mask. But oh, no!!! But some complete dufus, has to be more of a dufus. At this point, Rick scammed many out of money for undelivered DVDS and everything else and you Noel are still supporting this dead sh*t?? Your a piece of S**t, Noel and should be permanently banned just from talking.

  2. Watch this dumbass...

  3. Noel is a complete asshole. He was warned back in the fall that Dicie Dyer had a FAKE body. Yes, Dyer did scam alot of people of money. Why the con man is not in jail is a huge mystery. Someone better check to see if Neol really did go to Yale. Could be just another bullshitter like Dyer.

  4. Dyer, Standing, and all the rest of the media whores just don't have a clue.

    If they WERE researchers, they wouldn't understand. These creatures are seriously wily, sneaky, and smart as hell. They don't pose, and they don't expose themselves to eat a fucking candy-bar.

    Anyway, the frauds just piss me off. But whatever.