Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bigfoot Footprint & Sighting in Mississippi

Mississippi Bigfoot Footprint

An unidentified 9 inch by 6 inch footprint has been found in Vicksburg, Mississippi. The man who discovered it immediately decided to cast it, in order to preserve this unique find. This is a very peculiar looking footprint to say the least. The finder of the print seems to insinuate that it was left by a Bigfoot. Unbeknownst to the finder of the print, there was a Bigfoot sighting in that same area just a year before.

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  1. Very strange.... Some think that it may be the hind track of a very large black bear. IMO, it doesn't quite match up.. Below is a link to the track just before I took a cast of it :

    1. Nice Peyton. It looked like it had nails, from the cast. Are you going to do anything with that hair you found by it?

    2. Yes it certainly does. I plan to have the hair analyzed as soon as I can find someone that can do so....