Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Blue Ridge Bigfoot Chased Through Woods?!

Blue Ridge Bigfoot

This is a video from 2013 that was filmed 5 miles north of Blue Ridge, Georgia close to the Tennessee border. This is a very Squatchy area and there have been numerous sightings over the years in north Georgia. Some think this is a guy in a costume while others think this is one brave man for chasing after a real Bigfoot. At one point in the footage you can hear what sounds like a grunt or yell made by the creature.The uploader of the video makes some enhancements to the original by slowing things down near the end.

Crypto Crew Enhanced Version

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  1. If we always hear about how human sasquatch look and maybe are... would it be so impossible that some may not have the overwhelming size and muscle definition as others? Just as us humans have muscular, skinny and Fat body types? To me.. not far fetched that the hand has a human look to it.

  2. Would not scary me at all , i would go straight at him

  3. what people miss to see there is always more than 1. if you take the time to look closely at the last few frame of the clip .as the BF pushes the tree as it moves past , there are 2 more BF's standing behind that skinny tree.they are black and no its not shadows . a group of BF's were crossing the road .it's only by chance we get to see these creatures.

  4. why does it seem camera is in focus then when bf is seen it's out of focus. then as it crosses the road camera doesn't see it cross next film is after it's across and blurry again. only time it's in focus is when of course the bf is in woods. I say fake.