Monday, August 25, 2014

Finding Bigfoot. Really?


Finding Bigfoot Really?

YouTube user Tevin Blackmon does not believe in Bigfoot. In fact he thinks it's stupid that people even waste their time looking for the mythological creature. In this video he speaks his mind about the show Finding Bigfoot and why he thinks it's just stupid.

Warning: Explicit language


Finding Bigfoot. Really? Part 2


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  1. why is it these young uneducated people always need to use such bad language. please don't post any more of his's too sad.

  2. His video is good for comedic purposes. It's funny how he explains how black folk don't believe in Mr. BF....b/c they wouldn't "be lookin' for no 8 ft MFer that would smash yo ass". Blacks need to get out in the woods more often to see what nature is all about. What will blacks do if we all have to live off the land? Out in the woods?. What if there is a flood and blacks have to swim? When will blacks understand that even bear hunting guides do not find bear carcasses in the woods, where the bear died of natural causes? (not killed by a hunter)

  3. His name is Blackmon ? yeah right.

  4. black dudes ain`t out in da woods coz dey`z too buzy delin` aand poppin` dem drurgs man !!! ...ain`t DAT de TRUTH.