Sunday, August 31, 2014

Les Stroud Announces New Survivorman Bigfoot Episodes!

Survivorman Bigfoot Episode

This just in: Les Stroud has just announced that he will be making more Surivorman Bigfoot episodes! I am not sure if Todd Standing will be involved in these new episodes or not. Here is what he had to say on his Facebook page:

 "Ok everyone - its kind of a dreary Sunday here and I have a rare night at home for a maybe its time for the next announcement? Here we go: Once again its now out that i am going back in the field to produce more Survivorman episodes. And so far I have stated that out of many shows I am doing, four of them will be dedicated to pre-existing actual survival stories. Well - another SIX of them will be .......wait for it.......: yep!!! Survivorman Bigfoot. Once again - I make no claim to knowing, believing, or not believing - I simply want some answers to the mystery which is fraught with thousands of anecdotal references, DNA samples, tracks, sightings, video footage, vocalizations and pictures....I'm going in deep to find out for myself!!!! hmmmm - looks like we are up to ten new episodes already and I'm not finished announcing yet - Stay tuned, still some more announcements to come and you will LOVE the final announcement!!!....have a great Sunday everyone....Les"
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  1. Best of luck!! I've been on the woods with them here in Ohio. Heard knocks rock clacking, saw tree structures n foot prints. They are SO smart and sneaky. Hope you find what you and a lot of us are looking for.

  2. I hope that you do find proof of what is actually out there there is something out there what I don't know but dying to find out for myself good luck and happy hunting I will be watching and waiting. P.S.I watched both episodes five times and if it comes on again I will watch it again I'm fasinated with that kinda shows lol

  3. They are actually out at the Cardinal river[nordegg] site as we speak.

  4. there is a spot in Northwest, PA. I've been there.