Saturday, August 30, 2014

Monsters Underground Moves To Discovery Channel

Monsters Underground Discovery Channel

The much anticipated Monsters Underground show has moved from Destination America to the Discovery Channel. The show features Bigfoot hunter Bill Brock from Maine and looks to be entertaining. Monsters Underground premiers Thursday, September 4 at 10PM Eastern time on the Discovery Channel.

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  1. If these shows want to draw a number they should have Kevin and I. We have interviewed for many shows but were told others were being considered. That is BS.

  2. Wow. That sucked. Another stupid redneck monster show with no basis in science.

  3. Conclusion? Show sucks and/or is completely fake and stupid. bunch of dumb rednecks go into a cave, put on a light show and essentially accomplish zero. nothing. nada. no results.. no conclusions. nothing. end of show hunting the "olitiau" okay guys lets go have some beers after we just shot the thing with a tranq gun. OKAAAAYY... wow. how do these guys get studios to buy this crap? now that would be an interesting show to watch.. deceiving TV studio producers!