Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Petition To Protect Sasquatch As An Endangered Species

Change.org Endangered Species

Peter Wiemer of Chautauqua, New York has drawn up a petition to protect Sasquatch as an endangered species. He has started his campaign on Change.org and has directed it towards the state's Governor and the President of the United States.
I respectfully request that a law be enacted including Sasquatch / Bigfoots on the New York State and National endangered species list. 

I believe Bigfoots are as real as panthers, bear, and deer and are deserving of a endangered / protected species status because they are so rare and more then likely, part humanoid.

We feel it is important that New York State and the United States of America recognizes the danger these creatures are in and helps to do something about it.  Without our help to protect them, Sasquatch / Bigfoots will continue to be hunted versus living in peace and harmony as all other endangered species do today in the USA.

To read more and sign the petition visit: Change.org - Protect Sasquatch

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