Monday, August 11, 2014

The Falcon Project Blimp May Get Off The Ground After All

Bigfoot Blimp

William Barnes and The Falcon Project have been relatively quiet as of late. The project concept involves flying a blimp equipped with cameras over areas of high Sasquatch activity. This is an innovative concept that William and Dr. Jeff Meldrum have been working on for quite some time now.

Well there's good news for fans and supporters of the whole Bigfoot blimp concept. This was just posted by Jeff Meldrum on his Facebook page:

"It appears that life has been breathed back into the Falcon Project. William has met with a benefactor who has committed a quarter million dollars worth of airships (3) and much supporting equipment to the effort. More details to follow."

And  William Barnes had this to say: 
We got 3 drone airships today donated to the falcon project...we will be flying in 3 to 5 months from now I .....hope ....great day for the research world in this field, they need work to fit all the thermal cameras to them and RC control panel and so on, we are 1/2 there to start flying,,,,,(:
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  2. So it sounds like he actual Falcon Bi-Blimp is not in the cards still? If they received donations of three airships, assuming that means some sort of blimp manufactured by someone else, in standard single envelope fashion, then what is proceeding is the bigfoot hunt using blimps and NOT the Falcon twin hull design. If that's the case, then awesome, it might actually get off the ground. The twin hull design was a loser design to begin with. Now, with a conventional set of blimps, they might be able to find yet another weak link in their plan. Like wind at night. Or no bigfoots to spy on.

    1. or the cost of insurance. maintenance, logistics of monitoring said blimps, flying over forestry land. I heard flying cams are a no-no. The density of the foliage and that's just without really thinking.