Monday, September 08, 2014

2015 Ohio Bigfoot Conference Speaker Announced

Ohio Bigfoot Conference 2015

The Ohio Bigfoot Conference is probably the biggest Bigfoot event of the year. It is held every year in Salt Fork State Park in Ohio, which happens to be one of the Squatchiest places in the Midwest. The event is hosted by Marc DeWerth and the Ohio Bigfoot Organization and takes place on the weekend of May 15-17. Tickets for this awesome conference go on sale in early December and you can get them here.

The first confirmed speaker is John Kirk III.
John Kirk III is the President of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club (BCSCC) and chairman of CryptoSafari Explorations.

He's the author of In The Domain of the Lake Monsters and co-author of Discovering Cadborosaurus. John is editor-in-chief and publisher of the BCSCC Quarterly and has written extensively on a huge variety of cryptids over the last 25 years. His specialties are aquatic cryptids, bipedal hominids and unknown giant African reptiles.

An international explorer, John has previously also sought Mokele-mbembe in west central Africa and has searched for aquatic cryptids in England, Scotland and Ireland as well as in the United States and Canada...

Video put together by Henry May.

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