Saturday, September 20, 2014

Baby Bigfoot Found in one of TimberGiant's Videos?!

Timbergiantbigfoot baby

Timbergiantbigfoot has put out some controversial videos in the past, causing many people in the Bigfoot community to label him a hoaxer. His most famous video is the one of "Big Red", where he films what he thinks is a Sasquatch sitting in the brush cracking nuts. You can watch the original video here: Sasquatch Observed in the Forest.

In this video Think Thunker gives us a detailed breakdown of TimberGiant's video. Thinker put a lot of time into this one and reveals something that has never been identified before....

What do you think it is? Bigfoot? Bear? Hoax??

"What's more elusive than a bigfoot? A bigfoot suit. What's even more elusive than that? A BABY bigfoot suit. Take a look or two, new discoveries I found on Timbergiantbigfoot's Giant Revealed."
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