Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Bigfoot Hoaxer Rick Dyer Asking For Money...Again

Rick Dyer Asking For Money

The infamous serial hoaxer is back, asking for money.. Well, he never really left. Recently, Rick has been dabbling in the news arena by blogging about world news and hosting a new podcast. Which I thought was a nice change of pace. He has also recently claimed to have accepted the Lord into his life, giving him a whole new perspective on life. I always though Rick claimed to be a man of God but I guess now he has taken it a step further. But we all know Rick is a serial liar so this could just be a guise to try and trick people into giving him money again. Speaking of money, ole Tricky Dick has started a GoFundMe campaign and is trying to raise $30,000.00 to bring in a Sasquatch alive. Which I find truly insane. The guy is a notorious hoaxer. His 2008 Bigfoot body in a freezer hoax was exposed by the Squatch Detective, Steve Kulls. And his most recent hoax was busted many times (Haters Bust Rick Dyer's Hoax...Again). Not to mention, Rick failed time and time again to produce a body. I can't count how many times he changed the body release date and now he says that the body will probably never be released. Go figure. So now we're supposed to believe him??  I don't think so Rick. My advise: go back to telling the news and selling used cars.

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  1. A new team is already on site and they are very close to bringing one out.

    1. either you work for him or you are him posting as anon but he's been saying this for years and nothing ever came out of it. He's nothing but a con-artist and a criminal.