Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Eyeshine Of Possible Sasquatch Tormenting Dogs

Bigfoot Eyeshine

This was filmed by Don Young in Price County, Wisconsin. Here is his take on what happened that night:
Possible Sasquatch torments my outside penned up hunting dogs, causing them to bark frantically and fight to get out after the watchful intruder.

My wife and I had just got back home after a Friday night fish fry, and entered our yard to hear the wild commotion in the dog pen. We pulled the truck up close to the pens north side and my wife held a spot light over the pen to see what was causing our dogs such aggravation.

On the far side of the pen there where eyes shining towards us from the adjoining swampland forest just a few yards beyond the dog pens boundary.

I told my wife to keep the light on the area, while I run in for my camera.

 When I returned entering the pen and heading to the far edge of the pen, close to the illuminated eyes, this is what I recorded.

Cover picture is my wife Carol, standing in front of the trees that creature was looking through. We figure the eyes where at 8 feet high.

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1 comment:

  1. To protect my dogs..I would put Flood lights around my property ..ether Solar powered or something..I hate for them Dogs to get hurt or killed by whatever it was..and to keep whatever it is from coming closer in my yard..