Friday, September 26, 2014

Florida Bigfoot Investigators Launch Aerial Surveillance Over Green Swamp!

Aerial Surveillance Bigfoot

We just reported about the Florida Bigfoot Investigators new surveillance project that was currently being set-up in Florida. Well, they have lift off! Here is a chronological set of videos documenting this momentous event for the team.

This is the Florida Bigfoot Investigators team setting up the A.P.E.S. Project (Arial Platform Electronic Surveillance) craft that will carry two cameras into the air, high above the tree line and send video back to their laptop computer.

"This is a landmark day in Bigfoot research for this is pioneer work indeed. Many have talked about doing this. We did it." Tim Fasano

A.P.E.S. is launched over the Green Swamp! 

This is the same area that Tim filmed his alleged Skunk Ape in 2012. You can watch that video here.

A.P.E.S. Project receiving it's first images on the ground.

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