Friday, September 26, 2014

Florida Bigfoot Investigators Test New Equipment

Florida Skunk Ape Team

The F.B.I. (Florida Bigfoot Investigators) is made up of many independent researchers from across the state of Florida, that have teamed up in an effort to attempt to solve the mystery surrounding the elusive Skunk Ape.

Here we find Tim Fasano, Kevin, and George testing out a new system. They are using a remote aerial camera system to try and get a birds-eye view of an area they plan on researching in October at the 4th Annual F.B.I. Expedition. They are calling this project: APES (Aerial platform Electronics System.)

Are aerial investigations the wave of the future for Bigfoot research? It seems more people are now trying to implement copters, drones, ect into their research techniques.

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  1. Can't hurt! Kudos for trying new techniques

  2. Thanks for the nice post. We are trying to be innovative, and have fun along the way.