Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tim Fasano Talks About The Skunk Ape Conference

Skunk Ape Conference Tim Fasano

Skunk Ape tracker Tim Fasano is still gleaming, after his recent speaking event at the Skunk Ape Conference last weekend in Florida. At the convention he gave a power-point presentation highlighting his team's work. At the conclusion of the presentation Tim received a large applause and now says: "I don't think anyone now can challenge my integrity."


Green Swamp Bigfoot Sighting

"This is a recording of a Bigfoot in the Green Swamp of Florida. At the :25 mark you will see one raise his back hiding. The other one will pop up and be exposed in the light of day. There may even be another one by the tree."
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  1. tim at :49 in the back ground walking behind the tall grass, is the money shot. can be seen from shoulders up, moving back and forth.

  2. Stacy Brown is a turd.

    1. Hey Anonymous, what the fuck have you done to be calling someone a turd. Ya cant even post yur name, ya loozah.

  3. Johnny your my man for bigfoot news ,,may not comment on every ,,but i watch everything you post,,THANK'S BUDDY.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. hoax by a known hoaxer, bet he's kin to tricky ricky