Friday, September 05, 2014

Vietnam Veteran Dan Shirley Is Back With A Bigfoot Tracking Series

Dan Shirley Vietnam Veteran

Dan Shirley is a Vietnam Veteran with a lot of special Army training. He applies some of  these skills he learned in the army into his Bigfoot research. Dan has been searching for these elusive creatures since he got back from Vietnam and has had several encounters. He was featured in the television show, Bigfoot: The New Evidence, where he took the British filmmaker out into the field with him. He did submit DNA hair samples to the Sykes Project but as far as I know they came back as known animals.

In this set of videos, Dan and his side-kick Garland, take us on a journey through the Washington forest in search of Bigfoot. Below you find parts 1-3 of the series. There will be more parts coming soon.

Dan Shirley Bigfoot Tracking Series - Parts 4-6
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  1. would be nice to know what camera they used to film it. the video seems very crisp and clear