Monday, October 06, 2014

Boy Takes Pictures of Bigfoot From 10 Yards Away

Kyle Sees Bigfoot in Canada

Kyle Goodrunning is a young boy from Canada who was outside with his iPad when he saw something he'd never seen before. He was lucky to capture a few images of the creature from 10 yards away, as he was retreating from the encounter.

In this video Kevin Noad interviews Kyle and they go back to the original site of the encounter to look for evidence.We're not sure exactly where this happened but apparently Kyle is from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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  1. Looks like a guy wearing carpet....

  2. Those are REALLY awful photos for an iPad at ten yards...just sayin...

  3. put a season on taking bigfoot and i bet most of the sightings will stop.

  4. To the posters of negativity, why don't you all just go back to your Barbie and ken dolls, change you diaper while you are at it, no one wants to here your poop. lordy!

  5. is this 9 year old boy lying.....

    I doubt it, as he has grown up in the bush all his life thus far and seems honest in his story recollection.

    an interesting observation as to the crouch walk , try it yourself, it's not a natural physical action for a human being to do.

    another thing that springs to mind is if this is a hoax - I doubt one would hoax on a aboriginal reservation as Sunchild rez - lots of rifles and great trackers in these parts.....

    hard to fool the human eye in broad day light.

  6. This is yet another obvious fake. First of all most phone cameras take much better pics than this from ten yards. Second of all, you can see it's a suit and a bad suit at that.