Thursday, October 02, 2014

"Jacobs Creature" Just A Bear?

Here is a little background on the events surrounding the Jacobs Creature:

A guy by the name of Rick Jacobs had set up a trail camera in the fall of 2007 in a forested area of Pennsylvania in an attempt to photograph any deer that might be using a particular trail. Rick is a hunter and was doing this to prepare for the upcoming deer season. What he would end up capturing on his trail camera would not only surprise him but would garner the attention of the BFRO and the Bigfoot community as a whole.

For the last 7 years the BFRO has touted the Jacobs Creature as being a real Bigfoot. They claim it is a juvenile Bigfoot and that the photographs are "very significant to Bigfoot research", despite the fact that there were bear cubs captured on the trail camera within minutes of the creature. This created a divide in the Bigfoot Community. You had the leading authority on Bigfoot research calling it a Bigfoot, while you had many others calling it a skinny bear that perhaps has a case of mange.

So now, after 7 years of controversy, can we finally put this thing to rest? A guy by the name of Jamie Schuttmutt, who is a part of The Bluff Creek Project, has now captured a bear on film posing in almost the exact position as the Jacobs Creature. Here are some pictures for comparison:

                                                   click on photos to enlarge
Bluff Creek Project Bear
Bluff Creek Project Bear
Bluff Creek Project Bear 2
photo taken 1/2 second before one above

Jacobs Creature
Jacobs Creature
Jacobs Creature
Jacobs Creature Cubs
The Cubs

Now here is a side by side comparison and an overlay done by Randy Filipovic of the Bigfoot Anarchy blog.

Bluff Creek Project Bear Jacobs Creature

\Bluff Creek Project Bear Jacobs Creature Overlay

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