Friday, October 17, 2014

Kiki Mcgraw Interviews Bigfoot Killer Justin Smeja

Justin Smeja Bigfoot Interview

It's been 4 years now since the alleged "Sierra Kills" incident that occurred in the Sierra Mountains of California. The incident sparked a lot of debate and controversy within the Bigfoot community. Justin didn't gather any evidence at the time of the incident but he did return weeks later to find a piece of animal flesh of which he turned over to Melba Ketchum and Bryan Sykes for DNA testing. The results came back as bear, causing many to think he just shot a couple of bears that day. Despite the failure to prove his story, Justin is still standing by his claims. Listen in as Kiki Mcgraw interviews him.

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  1. Interviewing 101: Know your guest's name.

  2. Know what your doing and research before I couldnt even watch it he asked his own questions LOL hope shes not part of the team.Shes been busted trolling groups Get an experienced interveiwer like Ro Sahibi not a newbie who doesnt even know peoples names or places or how to conduct a real interview!!1One word Google hang out not cell phone LOL

  3. And she is fond of posting selfies showing off her boobies. Sorry, but it's hard to take someone seriously when they do that.

  4. Maybe Justin knew that when he agreed to the interview ? #Boobieflasheralert

  5. Kiki McGraw should quit doing interviews. She sounded very uninformed and clueless. Justin was great.