Saturday, October 11, 2014

Matt Moneymaker finds possible Bigfoot Bed in Cave

Matt Moneymaker Bigfoot Cave

Matt Moneymaker has been chasing Bigfoot for along time; 25 years long. Matt founded the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) in 1995 and then went on to star in the highly successful Finding Bigfoot. Needless to say, he's no amateur in this game.

Here we find him near Logan, Utah in search of the elusive one. This is the same general area where he allegedly found tracks a few years ago in the snow. It now appears he has found some sort of bedding in a cave of which he suspects was made by a Sasquatch. Matt and the BFRO are going to continue to monitor this site in hopes of the Big Fella returning.

He posted these photos on twitter yesterday and says the pile of fresh leaves is about a foot deep..

Matt Moneymaker Bigfoot Nest
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1 comment:

  1. This reminded me our finding in Azass cave, Siberia, during a short expedition following the International Conference on Hominology in Mountanious Shoria in October 2011. A similar bed of fern was found there in a wall niche and a big footprint left by it... Drs Jeff Meldrum and John Bindernagel and Ron Morehead visited that cave too...
    Unfortunately I can't attach photos here. Look at here:
    Igor Burtsev