Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Native American "Red Elk" Discusses Sasquatch

Native American Red Elk

"Red Elk" is an Inter-Tribal Native American Medicine Man. He is a self-described “half-breed” Native American from both the Black Foot and Shoshoni Nations, as well as being part Irish and French. His people have a long history of interacting with Bigfoot and in this interview he gives us some insight from his perspective.

The host of the show tells a pretty compelling story about a hunter who was approached by a Bigfoot and ended up giving the Bigfoot one of his ducks, and Red Elk responded by saying: "Bigfoot can read people like I can."  So Red Elk considers Sasquatch to be of a very high intelligence much like us humans.

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1 comment:

  1. Red Elk I enjoyed your experience and your teachings of your grandchildren .This is another creation of the Creator and I believe he is of spirit , I do not believe he is out to harm just to survive like is other beings .He is intelligent and private just loving and caring for his own just as we do . I look forward to more shared information you have and I thank you.