Sunday, October 12, 2014

Thinker Thunker Debunks MK Davis Massacre Theory

Bluff Creek Patty Massacre Theory

M.K. Davis has done some great work over the years breaking down the Patterson/Gimlin film. Very few people in the field have analyzed the footage quite like he has. But lately he has taken a different route with the events involving the Patterson film and claims that there was actually a Bigfoot massacre. In his theory he says multiple Bigfoot were killed around the same time as the famous Patty was being filmed. M.K points out what he thinks is blood on the ground and also thinks that the fold on Patty's leg is from a gun-shot wound. Most people think this theory is pretty outlandish but there are those that are sticking by M.K. and his wild assertions.

Now we find Thinker Thunker weighing in on the subject. He claims that the so-called blood could just be a simple alteration of the film. Listen in as he gives his take on things.

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1 comment:

  1. I agree completely, who ever came up with that theory has a problem with something but, I don't think its the film.