Monday, November 24, 2014

Roger Patterson Diary Proves Patterson/Gimlin Film a Hoax?

Henry May Patterson Gimlin Film Hoax

The Patterson/Gimlin Film is the centerpiece of Bigfoot evidence. For the last 47 years it has been debated and argued amongst the Bigfoot Community. Most Bigfoot believers consider the film legitimate and see it as proof of a giant bi-pedal creature roaming the North American woods.

Henry May is one of those believers and a huge Bigfoot enthusiast. Here we find him discussing some new information that has recently surfaced regarding Roger Patterson having a diary. Hopefully more information on the authenticity of this diary will surface in the near future.

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  1. Didn't Roger say the film was NOT a hoax on his deathbed? If so which is the truth his audio statement or a diary entry. Why has there never been a mention of this diary for the past 50 years? Why is being made public now? Can so many special effects experts and filmmakers be wrong in their accesment of the footage. Like you I believe the film is real and if not it is still the closest visual we have to a Sasquatch.

    1. Roger only confessed to Gimlin that he was sorry for using a man to act like Gimlin for the Bigfoot speeches he did all over the place, which Gimlin could not attend because his work schedule. Also Gimlin did speak for 30 years because he didn't want his wife to lose her banking job. So when she retired and the idiot neighbor started on about the gorilla suits, then Gimlin started talking to the public about the truth of Bigfoot and to shut the asshole hoaxers up.

    2. I meant Gimlin DIDN'T speak for 30 years.