Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Bigfoot Fraud of Todd Standing and Bigfoot North

Squatchers Lounge Podcast Todd Standing

Listen in to this special edition of the Squatchers Lounge Podcast as Jeff & Dave talk about the elephant in the room, Todd Standing. Todd just finished up his presentation this weekend at the Sasquatch Summit and consequently has been the talk of the Bigfoot World.

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  1. I'm just curious do you have the professional and educational background to scientifically debunk the videosbecause from what I understand the experts have not found them to be a fraud under scrutiny of scientific investigation

  2. You stated that you have the aperture and speed of the Canon camera he used and that he could not hand hold at that speed. Why don't you publish those numbers along with the ISO setting so we can determine this for ourselves? You will be very surprised at the range of acceptable settings for hand holding. Also there was sunlight in the image so the metering settings would not have to have been set for very low light making hand holding a distinct possibility.