Friday, January 09, 2015

2015 Florida Skunk Ape Conference!

Skunk Ape Conference Florida

The time is drawing near.. for the 2nd Annual Skunk Ape Conference! The event has changed locations this year and will be help in Toreyya State Park, which is in Liberty County, Florida. This is the same area that Stacy Brown Sr & Jr captured their infamous thermal footage. This year's event will be a camp-out and you can visit The Sasquatch Hunters to purchase tickets. The cost is $100.00. That includes a couple meals and firewood.

Here is a list of the speakers for the conference:

2015 Skunk-Ape-Conference-Lineup

2015 Skunk Ape Conference Speakers
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  1. Why the F is the criminal Rick Dyer going to be at this thing?

    1. Totally agree he's the biggest whole!

  2. Meldrum goes with Todd Standing, and now this conference is partnering with 5-time hoaxer Rick Dyer? Is the entire bigfoot world INSANE?

  3. Yeah, what are you trying to accomplish by inviting Dyer? I would think you wanna take this Conference a little more seriously, Oyeah you got the rubber helmet award from Rev Jeff,, ok lol that explains a lot!!

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