Friday, February 06, 2015

Bigfoot: The Missing Evidence - Documentary

Bigfoot: Missing Evidence Documentary

A giant ape-like creature is said to live in the remote forests of North America. Eyewitnesses claim that it is up to 10-feet tall and covered in hair. The beast is very elusive, and despite sightings over many centuries, the beast has never been captured or killed and no conclusive proof of its existence can be found. Some say it is a myth while others believe that it is a prehistoric relic hominid, a distant cousin of humans that has somehow existed beside us in the shadows.

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1 comment:

  1. There's an important side fo the argument missing from the psychological analysis that so called experts claim is repsonsible for false Bigfoot sightings. I only respect expert opinion from professionals when both sides are represented honestly and fairly. Specifically, many sightings can be attributed to experienced, credible individuals who are completely familiar with the animal life in forested areas. They are not prone to making mistakes in observations of animal life. Many were former Bigfoot skeptics until they experienced a Bigfoot sighting. It's insulting to call these people mistaken. Instead, sensible, logical and objective scientists like Meldrum give creedence to many sightings. They analyze the evidence and form a working hypothesis as they shoupld. The arm chair skeptics tend to sit on the couch and let the risks takers and pioneers in science make the new discoveries. Instead of adding value to the scientific process in many cases they end up doing the opposite. Thanks, WTR