Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Are You Sick & Tired of BS Bigfoot Videos?

Bigfoot Video Breakdown

Are You Sick & Tired of BS Bigfoot Videos?

Well this guy is! And I know a lot of other people including myself are as well.

Someone will post a video of a bi-pedal creature in the distance and then proceed to just hand the video off to someone for their YouTube channel. So you capture the greatest wildlife footage of the century and you're just going to drop it in someone's lap for them to make money off of? Well that sure is mighty nice of you!
Watch as this guy has a breakdown doing a breakdown of a breakdown!

Warning: Explicit Language is used.


Michael Merchant of Zen Yeti breaks down the guy's breakdown of a breakdown.

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  1. This guy is posting about YOU here at Bigfoot Research...YOU Shaun.