Tuesday, March 17, 2015

RIP Rufus (The Beast Slayer) Ray

Rufus Ray Bigfoot Hunter
Rufus hard at work

We just received the heartbreaking news that Bigfoot Hunter/Enthusiast Rufus (Sam) Ray has passed away. Rufus brought much needed humor and entertainment to the online Bigfoot community and was a true friend.  Rufus became quite the controversial figure in the community when he announced his plan to shoot a Bigfoot, thus propelling him into Bigfoot stardom. His Operation: Ultimate Proof had the community in a tizzy, but it sure made for some fun times.

Rufus was a pipe-layer by trade and spent a lot of time working in rural parts of the country. One day while working in the hills of north Georgia Rufus had a day unlike any other day before; he encountered Bigfoot. It was in broad daylight and Rufus was driving a piece of heavy equipment when he spotted a tall, dark figure along the treeline. He watched it for some time and then turned his head for a brief moment, and when he turned back to look at the creature, it was gone. This left quite an impression on Rufus and that is when he entered the Bigfoot community looking for answers and kindred souls.

Rufus might have stirred the pot a little while he was in some of these Facebook groups but he did it all in good fun. The guy was one-of-a-kind and he will be missed by many in the Bigfoot community.

Rufus Sam Ray
A younger Rufus working near Portsmouth, VA

Rufus having fun on the job

Rufus Ray's: Talkin' Bigfoot 24/7

Rufus... you truly were... a good ol' boy.

His obituary can be seen here: http://www.shelbyinfo.com/samuel-sam-ray-cms-9114
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  1. RIP big guy you will be missed.

  2. real sad news, going to miss his humor and bravado. the bf community and his friends will sorely miss him.