Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stacy Brown Finds Possible Skunk Ape Structures

Skunk Ape Structures Florida

Stacy Brown Jr. is one of Florida's top Skunk Ape investigators. Besides Tim Fasano, I can't think of anyone that is as passionate and determined in their search for this elusive creature as he is. Now that spring has sprung in the Florida swamps, Stacy and his team are out in full swing.

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  1. I honestly can't completely trust Stacy Brown. He was going to feature the hoaxer (and all around crook) Rick Dyer at his last Skunk Ape conference as a MAIN speaker. Brown un-invited Dyer when the public reaction blew up in his face. But still ... I don't know. Just the fact that Stacy Brown willingly associated with Dyer and wanted to give him a public forum in which to spread more lies made me loose ALL respect for him. So I'd treat Brown with a bit more skepticism than other researchers. If he was willing to do business with a crook, what else isn't he honest about?

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