Thursday, May 07, 2015

Michael Merchant Maine Bigfoot Solo Trip

Michael Merchant Maine Bigfoot Expedition

If you haven't heard the news, biologist Michael Merchant is on a month-long Bigfoot expedition deep in the forests of Maine! He is coming in and out of the woods every now and again to re-supply and bring new people with him, but overall he plans on spending a good month out there in the field.

Here is Part 1 of his: Forest Magic Maine Bigfoot Trip.

The journey continues in Part 2
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  1. I like this guy, he wears what I wear and are they warm. A double pile fleece. I prefer the Rab classic zipped as you can moderate temperature and windproof, still a great bit of clothing.

  2. Is he barefoot? An East Coast version of Mick Dodge, huh?
    Really neat video - he seems to really know his stuff. Suggestion I'd make is that he get some remote mic connected so his audio remains constant whether he faces the cam or not.

    Found his channel ( and I'll be going through his vids. He seems like he'll be a good watch.

    1. Yes, he goes barefoot! That is a good idea about the audio. It's nice to have an actual biologist looking into the Bigfoot phenomenon.