Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Small Town Monsters: Minerva Monster - Trailer


Small Town Monsters Minerva Monster Trailer

This is the trailer for the documentary entitled: Small Town Monsters: Minerva Monster. The film was produced by podcaster, Seth Breedlove and Brandon Dalo. They did a lot of research on Ohio's Minerva Monster and wanted to bring their findings to the public via a film.

Film synopsis:

Nearly 36 years ago a series of “Bigfoot” sightings took place in a small, Ohio town that brought media attention from around the globe. Now, documentary filmmakers Seth Breedlove and Brandon Dalo seek to uncover the truth behind the Minerva Monster. The film features  in-depth interviews with law enforcement, media personnel and witnesses. The Minerva Monster will shine a light on a piece of history long since forgotten. Against the backdrop of small-town America, a myth will become reality.

To rent or purchase the film for streaming you can visit the official website here: Minerva Monster
To purchase the film on DVD or to buy any of the cool gear, click here:
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