Sunday, May 03, 2015

Thomas Steenburg Talks About Todd Standing

Thomas Steerburg Todd Standing Bigfoot

If you've been following the new season of Survivorman Bigfoot you'll have noticed that two of the episodes have featured the controversial figure, Todd Standing. Todd has long been suspected of being a serial hoaxer by the Bigfoot Community and many had thought he'd threw in the towel. But not long after Todd disappeared from social media, we find him rearing his head on the new Survivorman Bigfoot series.

Listen is as Thomas Steenburg gives his opinion of Todd Standing in his episode of The Sasquatch Files..

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  1. I don't understand how someone who is so constantly under fire continues down the path that's bringing the scrutiny...
    I assume he thinks he's way too far along in his storytelling to ever admit or back off from them? Or is there something pathologically mis-wired with this guy that he he's compelled to spin lie after lie after story... it's disappointing.