Friday, June 12, 2015

Crypto Reality Webcast with Mark Zaskey

Crypto Reality Webcast Mark Zaskey

Well folks, the time has finally come, where the outspoken Bigfoot researcher Mark Zaskey has started his very own Webcast! If you're not familiar with Mark, him and his son have both had Class A Encounters with the Florida Skunk Ape. This is Mark's first episode entitled: Bigfoot Coverup, which is part of the Unavoidable Truth Series, that he will be working on in the future. So tune in and enjoy as Mark talks about the "Bush Indians" and holds nothing back!

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  1. The fact that Mark Zaskey will not allow comments on his YouTube channel is extremely chickenshit

  2. It's not chickens hit this is a real species and issue and he just doesn't want ignorant people who haven't even been out in the field doing research leaving stubid comments and saying shit when they don't even know what they are talking about and just being disrespectful and nasty about this subject that he and I and all the others that he works closely with feel so passionate about. That's why he doesn't allow comments because there are to many people who leave comments and oppionions just like the one I just read and they don't even know what the he'll they are talking about . Also if you had ever actually watched him when he was still letting people watch his videos for free on YouTube then you would already know all that since he broke all that down in great detail on more than one episode. So next time make sure you know all the facts before you go trying to say someones a chickens hit just because they don't let people leave stupid comments on their page so and maybe you want come off looking like a complete idiot who leaves stupid comments without doing their research.