Friday, July 31, 2015

Small Town Monsters Film in Production: "Beast of Whitehall"


Here is the press release for the Small Town Monsters second film:

Seth Breedlove
Film Director                                                   


Second Small Town Monsters Film in Production; Titled “Beast of Whitehall”

Wadsworth, OH 44281

Following on the heels of their success with the independent documentary, “Minerva Monster”, the Small Town Monsters crew began work on their second film, titled “Beast of Whitehall”, the film tells the true story of the Abair Road creature sightings of 1976 that helped make Whitehall synonymous with “Bigfoot.”

Filming has already wrapped following an intense, three man, four day shoot in New York. Among those interviewed were Abair witness, Brian Gossellin (who divulged that this will be his last interview given on the incident), investigator, Bill Brann, local author and historian, Paul Bartholomew, and more. The film is directed by Seth Breedlove and produced, once again, by Alan Megargle and Jesse Morgan with an original score composed by Brandon Dalo who is also executive producing.

No release date has been set but a trailer is expected in the next two months. For more information on “Beast of Whitehall” visit or
The crew is available for interviews:

Here is an EXCLUSIVE video interview with Brian Gosselin (one of the stars of the upcoming film). Brian was an officer for the Whitehall Police Department in 1976 when he had his life-changing Bigfoot encounter. It was an encounter that still gives him goosebumps just talking about it 37 years later. He saw something - he said something. Now, we want to hear your story.

Here is the trailer for their first film entitled: Minerva Monster.

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