Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 Compelling Pieces Of Bigfoot Evidence


Freeman Footage Bigfoot Film

This is a short documentary that explores some of the more popular and compelling Bigfoot evidence to date. They touch on the Skookum Cast as well as the Freeman Footage. They then get into the Jacob's Creature, which was more less proven to be a bear by the Bluff Creek Project. And of course they delve into the Patterson Film.

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  1. sometimes bear looking like BIGFOOTS so you thinking that's a BIGFOOT but its a bear

  2. This site is a joke! It seems to be here only to help sell "Finding Bigfoot."

    This video has been removed weeks ago for what seems to be copyright infringement, yet it is still up here as if it were news and a lead story.

    This site is a joke!

  3. David Paulides -
    missing 411 on top of it!

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