Thursday, August 13, 2015

Skunk Ape Filmed in Plant City, Florida


A man by the name of Mitch Davis was out at Alderman's Ford Nature Preserve in Plant City, Florida when he spotted what he thinks is a Skunk Ape, and then began filming. It's hard to tell exactly what he is filming but it does appear to be dark in color. People have since asked him if he went to look for any corroborating evidence such as footprints, to which he said, no. He does plan on going back to this location in the near future to instigate further.

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  1. tham bein crackheads in da boosh shure is

  2. 'It was as if he was trying to talk to me': Russian artist claims he had a close encounter with a YETI…which even posed long enough for him to paint a picture

  3. folks heers sayin thays bein smurt ans thays seein tham skunk apes aroin heers fer yeers