Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Rick Dyer Supporter Claims To Film Bigfoot

Christopher Noel Vermont Bigfoot

Christopher Noel is a Bigfoot researcher out of Vermont. When Chris first entered the Bigfoot community he seemed to be a legitimate researcher. He was one of a few in the online community with a higher education and even made it on the television show, Finding Bigfoot. That all changed once he jumped on the Rick Dyer hoax train.

Chris also was very tight with the Facebook Find Bigfoot (FB/FB) guys and even helped them out on their book. As those guys became very popular, they too would eventually endorse Rick Dyer and his fake Bigfoot. FB/FB eventually crashed and burned as they were busted for copyright infringements on their videos, and had circled their wagons around Dyer as the skeptics flung arrows at them from all directions. Even after Dyer's hoax was busted over and over, they along with Noel stood steadfast by his side. For all I know Noel might even still back Dyer! Anyhow, the moral to the story is:Christopher Noel lost all credibility in the Bigfoot community by backing Dyer.

Now we find him releasing a video of what he claims to be a Bigfoot. Let me know what you think of the video. Could Chris still be legit after the Dyeria fiasco? The following video covers 6 months of his research in the North East.

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  1. Noel is connected to Dyer and Facebook FindBigfoot and the entire hoax now. He still think's that fake bigfoot in the movie Shooting Bigfoot is real....LOL...Will anyone ever take any stock in anything he says ever again? NO!!! He is an ass

  2. He lost any credibly endorsing Rick Dyer.

    1. So. I understand what a P.O.humanC., & a liar Rick Dyer is.... we all do, including Christopher Noel. And I understand that the "bigfoot body" that Rick Dyer toured around, showing in a trailer, was fake as hell. However, I watched both the "Shooting Bigfoot" documentary, as well as the video by Christopher Noel, regarding whether the subjects seen in the video are real or actors, & I have to say that Christopher makes VERY compelling arguments, & that I find it difficult to believe that Dyer could have pulled off such a realistic hoax(unless he had some intelligent friends to help, maybe?). What I want to ask of those of you who commented above, is what makes you so certain? I'm not arguing here, I'm actually asking? Did the 'actors' who were seen in the bigfoots suits in the "hoax" ever come forward & talk about their roles? Did they, or anyone ever produce the supposed "suits" they'd have needed in order to portray the bigfoots seen? Or was there any make-up artists who came forward w/evidence that their talents were utilized in the "hoax". Again- I am genuinely curious as to the answers to my questions... You all sound so certain, & I'd love to know why? If the answers are basically adding up to "No. None of those things happened. We haven't seen the 'suits' used, or talk to the make-up artists or actors.", then shame on you. It certainly is not impossible -following to an area where there was a credible sighting recently- that even Rick Dyer could stumble across a Bigfoot or three on one of his unfortunate "hunts"... not at all impossible. And, I never would have considered Rick Dyer to be such a telented actor, & his reaction at the end, dragging Morgan Matthews back to the tent while insisting animatedly that he "show him the tape" immediately, is fairly compelling. Oscar worthy, almost. And furthermore, in fact, history shows us that just such a fantastic event is always likely to be the what occurs in the end, anyway.`

    2. Apparently a production company for discovery channel is going to produce the remaining footage of shooting Bigfoot there is only been one percent shown

    3. That so called "Tent" video is another Dyer hoax. Dyer always claimed that Morgan Matthews was present at the time the video was taken. Matthews says this is NOT true.