Sunday, December 06, 2015

Bigfoot Reports of September 2015

Bigfoot Reports British Columbia 2015

This video presents a series of Bigfoot (and possibly Dogman) reports from September of 2015. The first report comes in from Cormorant Island in British Columbia, Canada. All of the many strange vocalizations people have been hearing out there has attracted the attention of biologist John Bindernagel, who joins in on the island hunt. Next they show a car lot in Oklahoma that has been terrorized  by what some think is a dog, but others aren't so sure that a regular dog could be capable of such damage. And then, a lady from Bedford County, Virgina calls in a report about seeing a Bigfoot carrying a baby Bigfoot! Lastly, they interview a BFRO field investigator from Canada in search of the truth.

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1 comment:

  1. Great compilation!
    I think that interviewer at the end had a huge sarcastic vibe, though. Waging his foot like that. A sign of annoyance when it's male to male, usually...