Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ed Runninghorse Talks About Bigfoot Encounter

Ed Rice Creek Bigfoot

Ed Runninghorse is a Bigfoot researcher from the state of Minnesota. He got interested in the Bigfoot phenomenon after reading about a couple of BFRO documented sightings in a nearby forest. Ed then decided to go to this area in 2008 and went hiking deep in the woods far from any trail. What he would experience that day would change him forever. Like he says in the video, he is one of the few Bigfoot researchers who has actually seen a Bigfoot. Not only did Ed see it, but he got a full-on view of the magnificent beast. There is no doubt in his mind on what he saw that day. Listen in as Ed takes us out to one of his special places, and then opens up again about his encounter.

"We're looking at something that's not a myth or a legend; it's a reality."

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