Friday, December 18, 2015

Eerie Howls Recorded in Kentucky

Bigfoot Howls Kentucky

These strange howls were recorded in Breathitt County, Kentucky on December 12, 2015. The audio was then sent to Kentucky Cryptozoologist Thomas Marcum of The Crypto Crew. He then enhanced the audio to get a better sound quality for a YouTube video. What do you think could be making these howls? Bigfoot??

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  1. Bit too much echo there Hoss. Try again.

  2. What was supposed to be displayed by the spectrum of each howl? that they were identical? Are they intimating the sounds were a hoax? They never moved so they're a screenshot I'm assuming. Would have been better had then included the moving spectrum during the howl or some information on what they're analysis showed when comparing the spectrum to other known animals. Unless that information is linked somewhere else?