Monday, December 07, 2015

Is The Show Bigfoot Captured Fake?

Professor Jeff Meldrum & Biologist John Bindernagel examining tracks

The show starts off with some eerie background music playing. The setting is a dark, foggy wooded area, and then across the screen reads: "There are scientific and eyewitness accounts that suggest a Bigfoot species could exist." Then the show opens with guns drawn as several people approach what looks like a giant cage of some sort. That pans into: "If a specimen were found it could reveal the true nature and secret history of the beast." After that is on the screen for a few seconds, another line of text appears and says: "Portions of this program are dramatized."  As they approach the cage they get scared by something and shots ring out into the night.

Cue Bigfoot history.

Now they talk about the history of Bigfoot across the globe. They show clips of the Marble Mountain Video as well as the infamous Freeman Footage; which are two of the more popular videos of alleged Sasquatch to date. The producer then talks about a guy he knows that had an encounter in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. He ends up going with his buddy back to the original encounter spot to re-live the experience and have a camp-out. Of course the camp-out yields results. They awake to some strange noises (which kind of sound like they were made and added in to the show) - (Red Flag #1), and as they panic in the darkness you hear in a California accent: "We're surrounded dude."

The producer then goes on another Bigfoot hunt with a different group of people. Now, while I don't know every single person in the Bigfoot community, I am familiar with most people, and I have never heard of any of these people he goes out with. (Red flag #2)

Now they head out to meet the head honcho of the scientific field of Bigfooters, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor at Idaho State University. While you might think that this lends the show some credence, Mr. Meldrum will appear in ANY show that has a big foot in it. After Meldrum jumped in bed with known hoaxer Todd Standing, his credibility has been put in question by many in the Bigfoot community.

By the way, I'm writing this as I watch the show, and I have a prediction: That this will end a lot like the show Mountain Monsters ends its shows. The beast will narrowly escape!

Now I get the impression that these people are acting, it's not as noticeable as in Mountain Monsters, but acting nonetheless. (Red Flag #3)

While I wait for another commercial to end (the show is really not 2-hours long), I will mention that my buddy has already seen the show and mentioned it to me. He is somewhat open to the idea of there being a real Bigfoot out there and was excited at the bold title "Bigfoot Captured." "They finally got that bad boy!" he said. But then his skeptical side kicked in and was like, "wouldn't it be all over the news if a Bigfoot was really captured?"

Ok, now back to the action.

Bigfoot hunt, after Bigfoot hunt they go...And it doesn't take long for them to find plenty of "evidence" and have a hairy encounter. Boulders are thrown, and shots are fired, as they chaotically pursue the giant beast!

All this craziness leads them to build a giant cage to essentially meet their goal of capturing Bigfoot. After the cage is completed, they set up some tasty morsels in the back of the cage that you know Bigfoot just won't be able to resist.

Guess what happens next? Despite Bigfoot's extraordiary high intelligence, it falls for the trap! Boom! They got the sucker in the cage and are getting ready to do scientific studies on the great beast. First they shoot the thing with a tranquilizer gun through the cage and it freaks out for awhile and then drops like a stuck pig. They then enter the cage and do a quick blood draw. Science here we come!

And then guess what??

Just as I predicted, the beast escapes! The producers have obviously watched Mountain Monsters before.

Now I left out some of the interesting parts of the show so that in case you haven't seen it yet I don't completely spoil it.

One cool thing I really liked about the show is that they show little clips of most of the famous alleged Bigfoot footage out there. I noticed they showed the "St Croix Footage" which was supposedly filmed in Minnesota along the St. Croix River. The creature in the video is shown ducking and bobbing and weaving through some pine trees. And of course they show Patty. The queen bee of Bigfoots.

The 2-hour show was aired on the History Channel in November of 2015. I'm not sure if it is On-Demand or when it will be replayed, but you should be able to watch it if you sign into your cable provider online. Although the show seems set up and fake, you might find it entertaining nonetheless.

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  1. The show was worth watching for exactly 2 minutes of that two hours.

    :"He's singing!"

  2. I tried to watch this and the faux-ness of it was simply too much. At least with Mountain Monsters, they don't hide the over top angle that will show you it's a staged show. Building all those contraptions to capture the lizard man of Macon County, or the Hairy Beast of Bogland in the middle of the woods and they just happen to have a tractor or welding equipment on hand?

    The problem with shows like Bigfoot Captured, or Mermaid Found or Megaladon Found is that they try to be TOO real and they certainly blur the line between documentary and entertainment. Probably what they want, but still. It can confuse viewers and they annoy them when they realize they've been duped by the presentation. I know I was certainly annoyed when I realized the Megaladon one was another sham show.

  3. I am sure I can speak for others when I say I can appreciate anyone putting forth a true scientific effort in the study of Bigfoot. It became evident watching the show that there was a clear separation between the hoax and the researchers.