Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Let's Meet Tim Fasano by Dave Stumpf

Skunk Ape Tim Fasano

Tim Fasano is a well-known Skunk Ape researcher out of Florida. The guy has logged more hours in the field than 99% of his peers. Tim is a very vocal man, and frankly, I find him quite entertaining. He is always complaining aboout how he never gets any TV air time. Someone please get Tim a TV show!

Now, let's meet Tampa Tim Fasano. Listen in as Bigfoot researcher Dave Stumpf gives his 2 cents on Mr. Fasano.

"Tim's all blood and guts, and it looks like he could fight a Skunk Ape."

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  1. Is he one of Biscardi's old cronies?

    1. I believe they have worked together in the past.